Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dewalt Tools Now Offer More Protection Without Loss Of Performance

Established in 1923, DeWALT tools have established a prestigious and long-lasting reputation, thanks to their innovative designs and engineering of industrial machinery. They pride themselves on providing professional craftsmen with tough, powerful, precise, rugged and reliable tools with which to work.

2007 marked the year where DeWALT would aspire to develop an extensive range of the world’s safest and highest performing professional construction tools. After five years, the Perform & Protect system was unveiled. DeWALT’s new range of power tools are now safer – without any sacrifice of performance.

What Is The Perform & Protect System?

The tools produced under this system must meet strict criteria in at least one of the three core safety-focused fields.

Vibration: Lengthened periods of exposure to vibration can potentially result in pain, numbness, user fatigue as well as decreased sensitivity in hands and fingers. For tools to be approved under the Low Vibration criteria, they must have at least 15 percent lower vibration than other relative DeWALT power tools. For example, a variety of corded and cordless DeWALT hammers have the ‘SHOCKS Active Vibration Control’ which reduces vibration upon the handle.

Torque Control: When tools bind up in cutting and drilling applications, there is a possibility of damaging the tool or even resulting in user injury. For tools to be approved under the Torque Control criteria, they must have a unique method for controlling torque. For example, the ‘E-Clutch’ system for drills and grinders as well as the ‘2-Stage Clutch system’ for rotary hammers – in the event of a bind up situation, the user will be provided with more control, which will help to reduce abrupt torque reactions.

Dust Containment: To reduce clean-up and maintenance costs whilst increasing visibility and decreasing the threat of users inhaling dust. DeWALT have implemented dust management products which render solutions for grinding, drilling, concrete cutting and chipping applications. Dust Containment solutions are composed of SDS Max/Spline drilling and chipping extractors, surface grinding shrouds, cutting shrouds/tuck pointing, cordless as well as corded SDS drilling extractors, dust extractor vacuums and pavement breaker dust extractors which adhere to the EPA Lead Related Renovations, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule for HEPA vacuums (when using a DWV9320 HEPA filter).

Those wishing to purchase power tools that conform to these safety requirements, will be able to select with ease, as a result of the ‘Perform & Protect’ label included on every DeWALT product in this line. Visit