Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Transforming a Home Office Using Dewalt Cordless Tools

Efficiency, productivity and time management are common issues plaguing home-based professionals and workers who are often distracted by people and activities at home. Having a designated working area or home office is essential for promoting focus and creating the working mindset – despite the informal surroundings.

Indeed, creating a well-organised home office, whether it’s a separate room or designated section of your living room, can improve your concentration, spark creativity, motivate you and keep work-related documents and equipment in order.

Some home office makeover ideas

Plan your space: Decide how your home office should appear. Determine how many tables, chairs, shelves and cabinets you will need. Get inspired by viewing online pictures of existing home offices at Pinterest, home improvement blogs and furniture stores. Tip: Observe a minimalist theme with plenty of whites and storage for hiding clutter.

Set a budget: Fixing your home office is an investment in your job or career. You’ll want to set aside enough for purchasing equipment such as Dewalt cordless tools for installing shelves, building basic furniture and helping with decorating. Your budget should also include materials for carpentry, painting, cleaning, storage, and other accessories.

Repainting the area: Applying a fresh coat of paint can liven up your home office and make it more conducive for uninterrupted work. You may also need to repaint existing furniture to complement your theme or breathe new life to old items. Getting a smooth surface before painting is important and a cordless sander can do the job quickly. Remember to wipe off dust and dirt completely using a large sponge before applying a fresh coat of paint. Choose water-based paint for fast-drying action and lower paint odour.

Install blinds or curtains: Window treatments such as blinds and curtains allow you to control the amount of light that enters your home office while adding a touch of sophistication to your space. Using a cordless drill, create holes about the size of your anchor or wall plug (usually plastic). Drive the screws into the plugs in order to attach the blinds or curtain rods.

Install or build shelves
: If you have carpentry skills, get some wooden planks that are cut to size and build your shelves with the help of your cordless drills or drivers. Alternatively, head off to your favourite DIY shop for pre-cut shelves that you can easily assemble in minutes.

Spruce up your space with some wall art that can be your favourite picture, painting, or other wall accessory. For other great ideas, run a quick search online to view the latest home office DIY projects. You can also view YouTube videos that show easy and fun ways to decorate your home office using your Dewalt cordless tools.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY Power Tools: Basic Information About Drill Drivers

The drill driver is a portable tool that allows its user to punch holes on walls, hardwood, and sometimes even metal. This is an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to fasten tight screws. Technically, a drill driver can punch holes perfectly on walls, much better than simply pounding a nail by use of a hammer. This is the reason why drill drivers are one of the most popular mainstream tools out there.

A drill driver may be power driven (requires a power plug to work) or cordless (uses batteries or compressed air). Those who prefer to save electricity in their homes usually choose the cordless version of the drill driver. One of the brand names that are well known in manufacturing this kind of tool is Dewalt and Makita. You can view an inventory of Makita power tools at http://www.gasweld.com.au/brands/makita

Price Range

Because drill drivers come in many shapes, types, and specifications, their price may also vary depending on the purpose for usage. For those who are simply looking for a home improvement or repair solution, small to medium scale drills would usually suffice. However, if the drill will be used for an industrial project or construction site, it is best to opt for the most high powered drills available.

Cordless drills with power capability of around 3.6 volts usually cost around $250 to $300 in first world countries like US and Canada. High end drills, such as those with a power of 18 volts or more, can typically cost around $399 to $648 per piece. To save money on these tool purchases, it is important that the user carefully assess his needs and purposes. Using a high powered drill for a simple home improvement task can be overkill.

How To Use

Before doing anything with the drill, make sure that the machine is turned off. The only time that you want to turn it on is when you are directing it towards the spot where you want to dig a hole or screw. Accidents can be avoided by preventing the power drill from running continuously prior to active use.

The next thing you need to do is loosen the chuck in order to insert the appropriate shaft or piece at the tip. Afterwards, firmly tighten the chuck manually or use a special tool to do so. Adjust the torque to avoid the drill bit from slipping from the machine (this is done to avoid damage to the screw head). Now, as you turn the power on, safety latch and push the screwdriver forward as the drill itself rotates.

To locate Makita and Dewalt retailers in the Penrith region of Australia, visit the Gasweld Tool Center Online.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Air Tools Versus Electric Tools

Work tools such as hammers, screw drivers, and saws are essential partners in DIY home improvement, carpentry, automotive repairs and construction activities. They help you accomplish tasks around the house, in the garage or outdoors with ease and convenience.

Setting up a basic toolkit or upgrading from hand tools will involve some investment in purchasing the latest power and/or pneumatic air tools. With hundreds of tools and accessories to choose from, it’s important to understand the benefits of getting an electric or pneumatic (air) version of the tools that you need.

Benefits of air tools

Higher power-to-weight ratio: Pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air coming from an air compressor. This system delivers more torque for a powerful, faster and efficient performance. A higher power to weight ratio also means you’ll get smaller and lighter tools while enjoying superior performance at work.

Lightweight: Pneumatic tools draw the energy to perform tasks from an air compressor and don’t house internal motors or engines. Without individual motors to provide power, pneumatics are lightweight and easy to handle.

Versatile: A single compressor with the right capacity can provide power to several tools such as saws, sanders and grinders, and hammer drills.

Low price: Air tools are generally less expensive than electric tools although there is an initial investment in buying an air compressor.

Safety: Working with pneumatic tools can reduce accidents and risks arising from electric shock and related hazards.

Benefits of electric tools

 No air compressors: Frequent tool use and construction work may require a high capacity air compressor to provide enough CFM (cubic feet per minute) or pumping capacity, which can be expensive to purchase. Tools that operate on electricity can enjoy continuous power without the limitations of an air compressor.

Battery option
: Innovations in this type of tools include lighter batteries, making them portable and suitable for outdoor tasks and improvement jobs in odd or tight spaces. Lighter Lithium Ion batteries also provide the same power that plugged tools enjoy.

Energy efficient: Electric tools consume as much energy as it uses to perform a task. On the other hand, an air compressor continues to run and therefore use energy even when the pneumatic tool is infrequently used. For infrequent jobs around the house, an electric or battery-operated tool can minimise your energy consumption.

Consider factors such as your needs, the type of jobs you intend or expect to perform and how often, as well as your budget when buying tools for your home or hobby.

NOTE: For air tools in St Marys Australia, visit the Gasweld Tool Center.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Guide To Buying Angle Grinder Tools

Angle grinders are some of the most versatile power tools that you can have in your DIY home, or professional, tool kit. Designed for use with different discs, pads, wire brushes and wheels, the angle grinder can perform multiple tasks quickly and easily. There are hundreds of angle grinders on the market today; however, only renowned brands such as Metabo tools can give you the best value for your money due to their superior performance, durability and high quality standards.

Common uses for an angle grinder

Cleaning metal: Attach a wire brush to the angle grinder and you can remove and clean rust, dirt and hardened cement from metal surfaces. For stripping paint from doors and walls prior to repainting, just change the attachment to a wire wheel and you’ll soon get a bare surface easily.

Cutting rods, bolts and bars: A metal cut-off wheel attached to an angle grinder can be used to cut metal materials such as a rebar, angle iron, rusty bolts and wire fences.

Cutting stone and concrete: A diamond wheel is the perfect attachment for cutting ceramic, stone and concrete materials, particularly when you need to make difficult cuts in tight spaces and at awkward angles.

Restoring edges: An angle grinder with a grinding wheel is used for sharpening blades and restoring metal edges of hoes, shovels and ice scrapers.

Removing old mortar: Removing old mortar can be difficult and time-consuming unless you use an angle grinder equipped with a diamond tuck pointing wheel. With the angle grinder, you can safely remove old mortar without damaging adjacent material such as brick tiles.

Safety tips when using an angle grinder

Wear a face shield, safety glasses and gloves while working with an angle grinder.
Unplug the grinder before changing wheels and attachments.
Secure the work piece with a clamp or other suitable means before starting the grinder.

Read and follow the manufacturer’s product manual and instructions for correct and safe use.

About Metabo

Founded in 1924 in Germany, Metabo started out as a manufacturer of bench drilling equipment, sanders and polishers. Over the years, they developed other power tools such as the hammer drill, mitre saw, angle grinders and planers. Metabo tools, particularly handheld angle grinders have become a mainstay in every professional’s toolbox and are used for a wide range of jobs, from removing corrosion, rust and paint off surfaces through to cutting concrete materials.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Verniel Cutar is an avid enthusiast of the DIY and power tools industry. He regularly writes reviews about Makita, Dewalt, Panasonic and Metabo tools.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Using Trade Tools: Easy Carpentry Projects for the Novice

If you have decided to take woodworking on as your new hobby, there are some wonderful projects you can try to get you started. You need to become comfortable with your Dewalt tools as well as learn basic measurement skills. Once you put a few of these beginner projects together you can begin to tackle some larger jobs applying your new found skills.

Back Yard Planters and Window Boxes

Many beginners like to look to the garden for inspiration. A great idea is to build window boxes or planters for the shed and garden. There are many designs you can come use to build the basic boxes. Window boxes are affordable and smaller ones can even be built with scraps. Once you measure out the wood and build your boxes you can try adding details with moulding and other pre-carved wood pieces you can find at your local home renovation store. A lick of paint or stain and you’ve got a project you can gloat about.

Funny Little Bird Houses

Another garden project that is also fun to do with the kids is a bird house. Bird houses can be made as simply as can be and you can get creative with your design. Kids love bird houses and they can get involved with feeding birds in the garden as well. You can find many easy plans for bird houses on line or you could even consider buying a kit. Either way you will be honing your carpentry skills with your DeWalt tools.

The X-legged Table

Tables can be easy too and a good starter project is an x-legged table. These tables can be quite charming if you avoid using clunky wood and can be placed in your home. You can use them as coffee tables, garden work shed tables or side tables. Keep the use of the table in mind when measuring for the legs.

Practical Benches

If you are in need of some seating, benches are an easy DIY project as well. You can base it on the same premise as your x-legged table or get creative and even use wood for fencing if you want to use the bench outdoors. You can design them with or without backs and can use them in the front hall so you can sit to put on your shoes.

Shelves and Storage Boxes

Shelves and storage boxes also offer a great DIY opportunity for the novice. You can design stackable boxes for storage in the garage or in the house for kid’s toys. You can slide them under the bench you built in the front hall for hats and sandals. There are a myriad of uses and you can stain them or paint them to match the d├ęcor.

So grab your Dewalt tools and get started. You will find as you become more comfortable you will be able to take on bigger challenges such as built-ins and banquettes. http://www.gasweld.com.au

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dewalt Tools Now Offer More Protection Without Loss Of Performance

Established in 1923, DeWALT tools have established a prestigious and long-lasting reputation, thanks to their innovative designs and engineering of industrial machinery. They pride themselves on providing professional craftsmen with tough, powerful, precise, rugged and reliable tools with which to work.

2007 marked the year where DeWALT would aspire to develop an extensive range of the world’s safest and highest performing professional construction tools. After five years, the Perform & Protect system was unveiled. DeWALT’s new range of power tools are now safer – without any sacrifice of performance.

What Is The Perform & Protect System?

The tools produced under this system must meet strict criteria in at least one of the three core safety-focused fields.

Vibration: Lengthened periods of exposure to vibration can potentially result in pain, numbness, user fatigue as well as decreased sensitivity in hands and fingers. For tools to be approved under the Low Vibration criteria, they must have at least 15 percent lower vibration than other relative DeWALT power tools. For example, a variety of corded and cordless DeWALT hammers have the ‘SHOCKS Active Vibration Control’ which reduces vibration upon the handle.

Torque Control: When tools bind up in cutting and drilling applications, there is a possibility of damaging the tool or even resulting in user injury. For tools to be approved under the Torque Control criteria, they must have a unique method for controlling torque. For example, the ‘E-Clutch’ system for drills and grinders as well as the ‘2-Stage Clutch system’ for rotary hammers – in the event of a bind up situation, the user will be provided with more control, which will help to reduce abrupt torque reactions.

Dust Containment: To reduce clean-up and maintenance costs whilst increasing visibility and decreasing the threat of users inhaling dust. DeWALT have implemented dust management products which render solutions for grinding, drilling, concrete cutting and chipping applications. Dust Containment solutions are composed of SDS Max/Spline drilling and chipping extractors, surface grinding shrouds, cutting shrouds/tuck pointing, cordless as well as corded SDS drilling extractors, dust extractor vacuums and pavement breaker dust extractors which adhere to the EPA Lead Related Renovations, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule for HEPA vacuums (when using a DWV9320 HEPA filter).

Those wishing to purchase power tools that conform to these safety requirements, will be able to select with ease, as a result of the ‘Perform & Protect’ label included on every DeWALT product in this line. Visit http://www.gasweld.com.au/brands/dewalt

Monday, July 29, 2013

Panasonic Power Tools: Types Of High Quality Saws

Panasonic Power Tools are designed with the tough conditions of work sites in mind. Cutting tools from Panasonic are water- and dust- resistant and have ergonomic designs which make them easy to handle. Cordless saws make wood and metal cutting work convenient and simple.

Choosing the right saw for each application is very important for preventing injuries and improving efficiency. Using circular saw blades with angle grinders for cutting operations is a leading cause of injury among workers, according to WorkSafe Victoria.

Recipro Saw: Push and pull reciprocating motion of the saw blade creates the cutting action for this saw. New designs have an up and down action in addition to the front and back action, creating an oval orbital pattern for easier cutting. This is commonly used in construction, window fitting and even in emergency rescue services.

Circular Saw: The circular saw has a circular toothed blade which is used primarily for cutting wood. This versatile tool may be used for straight cuts, cross cuts or angle cuts. The material for cutting is held in a vice or clamped securely and the blade is advanced through it. These can be left- or right- handed depending on which side the motor is located. Due to their fast blades and powerful kickback, circular have been responsible for accidental injuries.

Jigsaw: Jigsaws are used to create custom designs on wood or metal. Unlike other saws which cut in straight lines, jigsaws can cut curves through stencilled designs or create arbitrary patterns. Different saw blades are used for different curves or for creating angles.

Angle Grinders: Though these are not saws, they are used for cutting, grinding and polishing. The abrasive or cutting disc is mounted on a geared head which is at right angles to the motor. Angle grinders are used in construction and metal working.

Saw safety: Panasonic power tools are designed for safety and comfort. But when used improperly, kickback from hand-held saws can cause the worker to lose control causing serious injuries. Safety procedures must be strictly followed when using hand-held saws.

- Appropriate protective gear like safety mask, goggles and hearing protection must be used.
-  Cutting objects should be securely clamped and supported from vibrating.
- When using circular saws, always cut with the lower half of the blade to minimise kickback.
- NSW Government recommends using wet cutting, wherever possible, since the water acts as a lubricant reducing kickback and dust.
- Saws should be held such that the operator does not stand directly behind or bend over the blade.

Verniel Cutar is a regular contributor and blogger in the DIY and home improvement industry. For Panasonic power tools, visit http://www.gasweld.com.au/brands/panasonic. There are a variety of power tools online that you can choose from. Visit your local provider today.