Monday, September 9, 2013

Guide To Buying Angle Grinder Tools

Angle grinders are some of the most versatile power tools that you can have in your DIY home, or professional, tool kit. Designed for use with different discs, pads, wire brushes and wheels, the angle grinder can perform multiple tasks quickly and easily. There are hundreds of angle grinders on the market today; however, only renowned brands such as Metabo tools can give you the best value for your money due to their superior performance, durability and high quality standards.

Common uses for an angle grinder

Cleaning metal: Attach a wire brush to the angle grinder and you can remove and clean rust, dirt and hardened cement from metal surfaces. For stripping paint from doors and walls prior to repainting, just change the attachment to a wire wheel and you’ll soon get a bare surface easily.

Cutting rods, bolts and bars: A metal cut-off wheel attached to an angle grinder can be used to cut metal materials such as a rebar, angle iron, rusty bolts and wire fences.

Cutting stone and concrete: A diamond wheel is the perfect attachment for cutting ceramic, stone and concrete materials, particularly when you need to make difficult cuts in tight spaces and at awkward angles.

Restoring edges: An angle grinder with a grinding wheel is used for sharpening blades and restoring metal edges of hoes, shovels and ice scrapers.

Removing old mortar: Removing old mortar can be difficult and time-consuming unless you use an angle grinder equipped with a diamond tuck pointing wheel. With the angle grinder, you can safely remove old mortar without damaging adjacent material such as brick tiles.

Safety tips when using an angle grinder

Wear a face shield, safety glasses and gloves while working with an angle grinder.
Unplug the grinder before changing wheels and attachments.
Secure the work piece with a clamp or other suitable means before starting the grinder.

Read and follow the manufacturer’s product manual and instructions for correct and safe use.

About Metabo

Founded in 1924 in Germany, Metabo started out as a manufacturer of bench drilling equipment, sanders and polishers. Over the years, they developed other power tools such as the hammer drill, mitre saw, angle grinders and planers. Metabo tools, particularly handheld angle grinders have become a mainstay in every professional’s toolbox and are used for a wide range of jobs, from removing corrosion, rust and paint off surfaces through to cutting concrete materials.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Verniel Cutar is an avid enthusiast of the DIY and power tools industry. He regularly writes reviews about Makita, Dewalt, Panasonic and Metabo tools.