Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Transforming a Home Office Using Dewalt Cordless Tools

Efficiency, productivity and time management are common issues plaguing home-based professionals and workers who are often distracted by people and activities at home. Having a designated working area or home office is essential for promoting focus and creating the working mindset – despite the informal surroundings.

Indeed, creating a well-organised home office, whether it’s a separate room or designated section of your living room, can improve your concentration, spark creativity, motivate you and keep work-related documents and equipment in order.

Some home office makeover ideas

Plan your space: Decide how your home office should appear. Determine how many tables, chairs, shelves and cabinets you will need. Get inspired by viewing online pictures of existing home offices at Pinterest, home improvement blogs and furniture stores. Tip: Observe a minimalist theme with plenty of whites and storage for hiding clutter.

Set a budget: Fixing your home office is an investment in your job or career. You’ll want to set aside enough for purchasing equipment such as Dewalt cordless tools for installing shelves, building basic furniture and helping with decorating. Your budget should also include materials for carpentry, painting, cleaning, storage, and other accessories.

Repainting the area: Applying a fresh coat of paint can liven up your home office and make it more conducive for uninterrupted work. You may also need to repaint existing furniture to complement your theme or breathe new life to old items. Getting a smooth surface before painting is important and a cordless sander can do the job quickly. Remember to wipe off dust and dirt completely using a large sponge before applying a fresh coat of paint. Choose water-based paint for fast-drying action and lower paint odour.

Install blinds or curtains: Window treatments such as blinds and curtains allow you to control the amount of light that enters your home office while adding a touch of sophistication to your space. Using a cordless drill, create holes about the size of your anchor or wall plug (usually plastic). Drive the screws into the plugs in order to attach the blinds or curtain rods.

Install or build shelves
: If you have carpentry skills, get some wooden planks that are cut to size and build your shelves with the help of your cordless drills or drivers. Alternatively, head off to your favourite DIY shop for pre-cut shelves that you can easily assemble in minutes.

Spruce up your space with some wall art that can be your favourite picture, painting, or other wall accessory. For other great ideas, run a quick search online to view the latest home office DIY projects. You can also view YouTube videos that show easy and fun ways to decorate your home office using your Dewalt cordless tools.