Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Using Trade Tools: Easy Carpentry Projects for the Novice

If you have decided to take woodworking on as your new hobby, there are some wonderful projects you can try to get you started. You need to become comfortable with your Dewalt tools as well as learn basic measurement skills. Once you put a few of these beginner projects together you can begin to tackle some larger jobs applying your new found skills.

Back Yard Planters and Window Boxes

Many beginners like to look to the garden for inspiration. A great idea is to build window boxes or planters for the shed and garden. There are many designs you can come use to build the basic boxes. Window boxes are affordable and smaller ones can even be built with scraps. Once you measure out the wood and build your boxes you can try adding details with moulding and other pre-carved wood pieces you can find at your local home renovation store. A lick of paint or stain and you’ve got a project you can gloat about.

Funny Little Bird Houses

Another garden project that is also fun to do with the kids is a bird house. Bird houses can be made as simply as can be and you can get creative with your design. Kids love bird houses and they can get involved with feeding birds in the garden as well. You can find many easy plans for bird houses on line or you could even consider buying a kit. Either way you will be honing your carpentry skills with your DeWalt tools.

The X-legged Table

Tables can be easy too and a good starter project is an x-legged table. These tables can be quite charming if you avoid using clunky wood and can be placed in your home. You can use them as coffee tables, garden work shed tables or side tables. Keep the use of the table in mind when measuring for the legs.

Practical Benches

If you are in need of some seating, benches are an easy DIY project as well. You can base it on the same premise as your x-legged table or get creative and even use wood for fencing if you want to use the bench outdoors. You can design them with or without backs and can use them in the front hall so you can sit to put on your shoes.

Shelves and Storage Boxes

Shelves and storage boxes also offer a great DIY opportunity for the novice. You can design stackable boxes for storage in the garage or in the house for kid’s toys. You can slide them under the bench you built in the front hall for hats and sandals. There are a myriad of uses and you can stain them or paint them to match the d├ęcor.

So grab your Dewalt tools and get started. You will find as you become more comfortable you will be able to take on bigger challenges such as built-ins and banquettes. http://www.gasweld.com.au