Monday, July 29, 2013

Panasonic Power Tools: Types Of High Quality Saws

Panasonic Power Tools are designed with the tough conditions of work sites in mind. Cutting tools from Panasonic are water- and dust- resistant and have ergonomic designs which make them easy to handle. Cordless saws make wood and metal cutting work convenient and simple.

Choosing the right saw for each application is very important for preventing injuries and improving efficiency. Using circular saw blades with angle grinders for cutting operations is a leading cause of injury among workers, according to WorkSafe Victoria.

Recipro Saw: Push and pull reciprocating motion of the saw blade creates the cutting action for this saw. New designs have an up and down action in addition to the front and back action, creating an oval orbital pattern for easier cutting. This is commonly used in construction, window fitting and even in emergency rescue services.

Circular Saw: The circular saw has a circular toothed blade which is used primarily for cutting wood. This versatile tool may be used for straight cuts, cross cuts or angle cuts. The material for cutting is held in a vice or clamped securely and the blade is advanced through it. These can be left- or right- handed depending on which side the motor is located. Due to their fast blades and powerful kickback, circular have been responsible for accidental injuries.

Jigsaw: Jigsaws are used to create custom designs on wood or metal. Unlike other saws which cut in straight lines, jigsaws can cut curves through stencilled designs or create arbitrary patterns. Different saw blades are used for different curves or for creating angles.

Angle Grinders: Though these are not saws, they are used for cutting, grinding and polishing. The abrasive or cutting disc is mounted on a geared head which is at right angles to the motor. Angle grinders are used in construction and metal working.

Saw safety: Panasonic power tools are designed for safety and comfort. But when used improperly, kickback from hand-held saws can cause the worker to lose control causing serious injuries. Safety procedures must be strictly followed when using hand-held saws.

- Appropriate protective gear like safety mask, goggles and hearing protection must be used.
-  Cutting objects should be securely clamped and supported from vibrating.
- When using circular saws, always cut with the lower half of the blade to minimise kickback.
- NSW Government recommends using wet cutting, wherever possible, since the water acts as a lubricant reducing kickback and dust.
- Saws should be held such that the operator does not stand directly behind or bend over the blade.

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