Monday, June 24, 2013

Powerful Makita Tools for Sydney, Australia DIY Lovers

A trusted brand in power and cordless tools, Makita has over 50 years of experience and evolving technology, manufacturing over 350 tools and accessories under the Makita and Maktec brands.

Makita has built a solid reputation in the construction industry for producing reliable and innovative cordless tools, drilling and fastening tools, impact drills, demolition tools, and trade tools for cutting, grinding, sanding, and sawing.

Lithium-ion battery power

Makita’s commitment to power and user convenience is reflected in its various lithium-ion powered cordless tools which are typically compact, lightweight, and easy to operate yet powerful enough to perform most fixing tasks at home or in construction projects.

Cordless drills: Makita offers a wide range of cordless drills in Sydney, Australia. The cordless drills are powered by a single battery which has a quick charging time and provide long lasting performance. Cordless drills are ideal for home DIY use and in trades related to automotive, commercial, and residential construction.

Saws: Makita has a full range of saws such as table saws, circular saws and metal cutting saws. All are lightweight and easy to operate.

Hammer drills: Makita’s powerful hammer drills incorporate an advanced Anti-Vibration technology which lessens vibration and directs energy away from the tool user. Hammer drill products include rotary, demo hammers, power cutters and planers.

Woodworking tools: Makita also has sanders, planers and jointers for preparing, finishing and performing other woodworking tasks with professional-looking results.

Makita power tools buying tips

Purchase only from authorized dealers: Makita tools are generally covered by a warranty policy that is valid in the place where the tools are purchased. For buyers in Sydney, Australia, Makita Australia will honour the product warranty only of tools purchased from any of the authorised Makita Australia dealers. Before purchasing Makita power tools, it’s important to ascertain that you’re buying from a Makita Australia dealer. This also ensures that the tools are built according to Australian standards and have available spare parts for future replacements.

Anticipate your needs: Cordless tools come in various technical specifications, from the compact and light 10.8 volts through to 18-volts which are generally sufficient for most uses. Determine where and how often you intend to use your cordless tools. More serious DIY home users and tradesmen in the construction business can get the most value from cordless Makita tools that provide more power. Also, consider purchasing Makita combo tool kits which contain 2 or more power tools and a free extra battery.

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