Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Your Must-Have DIY Makita Power Tools

The home handyman or woman needs a variety of power tools at hand in order to perform home building and home maintenance tasks. Some tools are necessary for pretty much every job, while others are more specialised and may not be necessary for every do-it-yourselfer. One of the best brands to use is Makita, and with it you can apply the principles below:

The Basics

Not surprisingly, a power drill comes first for anyone interested in DIY work around the home. A good quality drill can fulfil a multitude of tasks from simple repairs to more complex building projects. A power saw is another great tool for the home handyman to have. A saw and drill are essential for anyone who wants to tackle simple building tasks. These, plus the standard hand held tools that are found in most households, will get you by, but for the serious DIYer, your projects can be made easier by adding some other items to your power tool arsenal.

Other Useful Power Tool Additions

For someone who does a lot of nailing, a nail gun which is designed to make any nailing jobs simple and accurate (with no more hammered fingers)is a great addition to the power toolkit.

Planing and sanding are also made easier and a lot less tiring with power tools than sanding and planing by hand. A power sander can be used for a multitude of tasks around the home, from sanding walls that need painting, to finishing off carpentry and restoring furniture.

Angle grinders and routers are other devices commonly used by DIYers who need to perform more intricate tasks. For those who tackle complex DIY projects, these should be added to their power tool shopping list.

Tools for Finishing the Job

For those looking to do a lot of painting, a power paint sprayer can save a lot of time and effort and give a professional finish to every painting job and in and around the home. A good paint sprayer can utilise a number of different types of paints and finishes, for whatever needs to be done around the home.

For someone just starting out in DIY, it’s a good idea to get the basics. Quite often those new to doing their own home maintenance won’t know what they need until they need it, so sometimes it’s a great idea to just get going and see what you need along the way!

One thing not to compromise on though is quality. Your power tools should be viewed as investments – they will be with you for years. Visit http://www.gasweld.com.au/brands/makita

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