Thursday, February 14, 2013

Makita Tools - For Every Home Maintenance Job

Makita are well known for their quality tools, and most homes occupied by a tradie or handyman or woman will have one or more Makita product in the shed. Makita have power tools for just about every building project or DIY application in and around the home.

The Range of Makita Drills

Makita drills are one of their most popular tools, from light cordless drills, to heavier drills used in more industrial applications. The average home DIYer will find power tools and drills is a necessary part of their kit, bearing in mind that there are several types of Makita drill available. There are basic electric drills, variable speed drills, high speed drills, torque drills and angle drills. Obviously, it’s important to consider the applications the drill will be used for when purchasing. Not surprisingly, most tradies, and more experienced home handymen will have more than one drill in their collection.

Makita Saws for Every Application

Makita makes a variety of types of saw, from circular saws to table saws and jigsaws. Those who do a great deal of home carpentry will often have more than one type of power saw, and with good reason. Their applications are all quite different, with some designed to cut large pieces of wood, and others designed for more delicate work. Makita also sell compound mitre saws and slide compound saws, which can definitely be useful around the home.

Makita Planers, Trimmers and Routers

Other tools which are necessary for home carpentry work are planers, routers and trimmers. Not all will be needed for every wood working job around the home, but a basic powered planer and router are certainly key components of many home workshops.

Makita Sanders and Polishers

Makita also sell a great range of sanders and polishers which are useful for those who do a lot of woodwork or timber preparation. Orbital sanders and disc sanders can also be used for preparing surfaces for painting, which is a necessary maintenance job in most homes.

The Makita Multi Tool

Multi tools have become very popular with the home do-it-yourselfer over the past few years, and with good reason. They have a variety of uses around the home and can multitask very effectively. The multi tool allows you to set the blade at 12 different angles (every 30 degrees), and has a variable speed dial. It’s compatible with all oscillating interface system accessories, and has an ergonomic grip for easy, comfortable use.

The Makita range of tools is extremely extensive, so there really is a tool for every application (and some tools for a number of applications). Anyone looking to do home maintenance work, or a bit of extra DIY building in and around the home should consider building their kit from the basics to those tools that are needed for more complex work.

Starting with Makita tools basics means that most applications around the home are covered, and the kit can be extended when necessary.