Monday, February 11, 2013

Karcher Pressure Washers: World Market Leaders

Pressure washers are powerful cleaning tools using the removal action of high pressure water delivered at cold or hot temperatures. The pressure washer market is driven by cutting technology which continues to evolve. Leading the market is the wide range of models of Karcher pressure washers.

History Of Karcher Pressure Washers

Karcher pressure cleaners are the brainchildren of world renowned creator Alfred Karcher, the individual who developed the first European hot-water pressure washer. Over the years, Karcher developed other cleaning devices although his main focus remained on high-pressure cleaners. Karcher later introduced the first portable pressure washer, followed by other innovations in indoor cleaning devices such as steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners for household use. Through continuous development and innovation, Karcher pressure cleaners have remained the leaders in the cleaning technology industry.

High Pressure Cleaners

Karcher pressure cleaners are used in a wide range of situations that require thorough and safe cleaning. From crafts and trades through to agriculture and industry, Karcher products are able to meet various cleaning requirements. Karcher specialises in cleaning large areas quickly and completely with minimal downtime, ideally used for businesses.

Cold water pressure cleaners are used for cleaning vehicles, machines, buildings and structures on a daily basis. These devices use high pressure and high flow rate to remove dirt from large areas. Karcher cold water pressure cleaners are available as compact class, medium duty and super class equipment types.

Compact class models are lightweight yet powerful. They can weigh as light as 19kg and are indicated by the letter ‘C’ appearing after the model number. Medium duty cleaners are indicated by the letter ‘M’ and provide higher maximum pressures. They are heavier than their compact versions. For tough and continuous operation of cleaning equipment, the Super Class series which are indicated by the ‘S’ in the model number, are the heaviest and largest among the Karcher pressure cleaners. They operate at the highest flow rate and water pressure and are best suited for cleaning requirements that call for the highest performance.

Hot water pressure cleaners use oil, gas or electricity to heat water before it is sprayed at the targeted surface. Karcher hot water pressure cleaners are equipped with a chamber for the cleaning agent in order to provide a quick and thorough clean of dirt containing fats and oils. The hot water Karcher pressure cleaners also come in compact class, medium class and Super class series. Selecting the best equipment for your needs can ensure quick and efficient dirt removal to the satisfaction of clients.

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